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Compassionately thought out, carefully handpicked and creatively executed.

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ABout US

Deepika Khatri’s fashion philosophy goes beyond couture. Our team aims to slow fashion down and create timeless, bespoke pieces that carry within its yarns the tales, tradition, talent and toil of gifted artisans.


We are a brand with value, constantly striving to contribute something to the society and lead by example. We work closely with the artisans from around the world to procure eco-friendly fabrics produced through handloom processes, explore the rich, diverse and traditional techniques of embroidery and put their awe-inspiring talent on the map.


The label takes utmost care to establish a unique and personal connection with our clients, by passionately listening to their requirements and creating a made-to-measure piece that they will cherish for a lifetime.


Deepika Khatri “Image By tobias.joest” at Frankfurt Fashion Week' 2022

Born and brought up in the culturally rich state of Lucknow in India, Deepika Khatri always had an inherent penchant for art. It was this inner calling that drove her to National Institute Of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Bangalore, and eventually, to Frankfurt, Germany.


As a child, she nurtured her love for fashion by being her own stylist, model and audience in front of the mirror, in the small world that was her house. As she grew up, she initially tread the path her parents charted for her, joining a course in Bachelors of Art. But her heart still belonged to fashion and when she recognised her inner voice, she decided to listen to it. Deepika dropped out of her course and applied in India’s leading fashion institute, National Institute Of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Bangalore and to her own surprise effortlessly qualified.


At NIFT, she completed Bachelor Of Knitwear Designing and was bestowed with the ‘Most Creative Knitwear Designer’ award by SHIMA SEIKI, in her batch. Deepika then went on to work in an export and buying house, as a fashion designer for international brands the likes of MATLAN, Tally Weijl, UCB, Dorothy Perkins. 


Her constant pursuit to better her craft got her to Germany as the winner of the ‘Fashion Designer Mentoring Program Hessen’ in 2022, and soon after, she was also selected for the ‘Women Entrepreneurship Programme’ by Cornell University, sponsored by Bank of America. She is currently working out of Frankfurt, Germany.

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